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Doctors agree. "Number go up" is a normal and healthy desire.


You like "number go up" and that's okay

      Appreciating an ascending number isn't wrong.  "Number go up" is a normal and healthy desire. In fact, 100% of the cryptosphere prefers a rising number. There are people who complain about this, but they're mostly unhappy deviants. Pumpopoly is prepared to give you exactly what you want. We understand your entirely normal and healthy preferences. Pumpopoly is designed to exceed your criteria. Property is always sold at a higher price. Tokens are always sold at an higher price. Property can be sold in game or minted into a NFT. You're going to love sharing Pumpopoly with your friends.  50% commission on invites. Level up with invites to unlock bonus buildings. Build structures to unlock increasing rent multipliers. Shilling never felt so good. Dedicated support to ensure your success. Invite them before they invite you. Easy to get started. Collect passive income. NFT properties earn rent. In-game properties earn rent. All properties earn rent. Collect rents

Preview, not pre-sale

     We've all seen it before. Promoters making grand claims for a NFT project. Nine times out of ten it never amounts to anything. Investors are hustled into buying tokens in pre-launch sales. When the time comes to deliver on promises, the reality of the project falls short of the high expectations. Worse yet, many projects fail to deliver anything at all! Pumpopoly is different.      Pumpopoly is a complete game you can try right now , at no cost to yourself on the NEAR testnet. If you're not 100% satisfied with what you see, the testnet version and all of your wonderful memories of it are yours to keep. No obligations. Our gift to you.      Cryptocurrency is about trustless, decentralized environments. All we are asking is for you to test the game, give us your feedback and stay tuned if you are interested. We don't need to make flamboyant buzzword laden claims. Preview, not pre-sale.       Pumpopoly tokens are issued by the game contract at a progressively higher price

What is Pumpopoly?

 Pumpopoly is the ultimate NFT shilling experience combined with classic board game game-play.  But wait, there's more! Featuring 5 unique property types, with 256 variations each, you'll be able to maximize your property's earning potential. The more players you invite, the more you'll be able to build! Each property type has a progressively higher rent multiplier! Pumpopoly is designed to reward you for sharing your love of cryptogaming. Earn 50% from invites, whenever your invites buy public land. Gain more invites to build bigger and better structures. But what if I just want to hold property and try collecting rents before I share Pumpopoly with my friends? No problem. Pumpopoly has you covered. Pumpopoly property prices increase at an exponential rate. New property is always priced higher, ensuring your satisfaction. Sell your property in-game or export it to an NFT. In addition, as a Pumpopoly land owner, you'll be able to claim a salary from the treasury at

Open beta is now live

Log in with your NEAR testnet wallet at Follow us on Twitter to get updates. Join us on Discord to win fabulous prizes! Pumpopoly open beta is live on the $NEAR testnet. #NFT #cryptogame Join our discord for fabulous prizes and giveaways! — (@pumpopoly) January 25, 2022