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Pumpopoly Passes 2000 Transactions on Mainnet!

Image We just hit 2000 transactions on the $NEAR protocol. Big thanks to all of the active Pumpopoly players claiming their hourly salary from the treasury! — (@pumpopoly) April 28, 2022

New Feature: Real Estate Office

 Introducing The Pumpopoly Real Estate Office The Pumpopoly real estate office offers you a way to improve your in-game credit score by using your favorite NEAR NFTs.  This is an entirely non-custodial feature. Keep your NFTs in your NEAR wallet and gain +10 points on your in-game credit score. The real estate office verifies ownership via view functions in the NEAR NFT contract standard. Pumpopoly has no access to your NFTs. Keep your NFTs in your wallet where they belong. Add up to 12 of your favorite NFTs from partnering projects. Achieving level 2 just became that much easier! Initial Exclusive Partner: Shinto Society Only licensed real estate agents may be added to your Pumpopoly real estate office. Shinto Society is the first NFT collection to meet the Pumpopoly real estate licensing criteria. Shinto Society was founded by mistcop , a perfect gentleman and one of the first landowners in Pumpopolis. Have questions? Need help? Join the Pumpopoly  Discord to get more informatio

Interview with Mayor of Pumpopoly - New NFT P2E game! 🏘


Pumpopoly Developer Interview

Shilling never felt so good! GM Show #57 - Interview with @pumpopoly #cryptonews #nftcommunity $NEAR — GM DeFi | Crypto | NFT | News & Tools (@GMDeFixyz) April 25, 2022

Pumpopoly: Claim a salary on every move!

Pumpopoly's drive and claim feature pays players a salary every time they move.  You'll collect rent every time a player parks at your property. Parking is free at city owned land. One rent is equal to one salary.  Simply drive to claim your salary.  Pumpopoly's world expands dynamically, so driving is always profitable. New city owned land is added at a higher price to ensure your satisfaction.

John Dalton: Pumpopoly Video Overview