You like "number go up" and that's okay


    Appreciating an ascending number isn't wrong.

 "Number go up" is a normal and healthy desire. In fact, 100% of the cryptosphere prefers a rising number. There are people who complain about this, but they're mostly unhappy deviants. Pumpopoly is prepared to give you exactly what you want. We understand your entirely normal and healthy preferences.

Pumpopoly is designed to exceed your criteria.

  • Property is always sold at a higher price.
  • Tokens are always sold at an higher price.
  • Property can be sold in game or minted into a NFT.

You're going to love sharing Pumpopoly with your friends. 

  • 50% commission on invites.
  • Level up with invites to unlock bonus buildings.
  • Build structures to unlock increasing rent multipliers.
  • Shilling never felt so good.
  • Dedicated support to ensure your success.
  • Invite them before they invite you.

Easy to get started. Collect passive income.

  • NFT properties earn rent.
  • In-game properties earn rent.
  • All properties earn rent.
  • Collect rents in addition to a salary.
  • Collect your salary from the treasury on every move.

A complete working dApp.

Try Pumpopoly on the testnet. Stay tuned to our Discord to find out more. Follow us on Twitter to win fabulous prizes.


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