Preview, not pre-sale

    We've all seen it before. Promoters making grand claims for a NFT project. Nine times out of ten it never amounts to anything. Investors are hustled into buying tokens in pre-launch sales. When the time comes to deliver on promises, the reality of the project falls short of the high expectations. Worse yet, many projects fail to deliver anything at all!

Pumpopoly is different.

    Pumpopoly is a complete game you can try right now, at no cost to yourself on the NEAR testnet. If you're not 100% satisfied with what you see, the testnet version and all of your wonderful memories of it are yours to keep. No obligations. Our gift to you.

    Cryptocurrency is about trustless, decentralized environments. All we are asking is for you to test the game, give us your feedback and stay tuned if you are interested. We don't need to make flamboyant buzzword laden claims. Preview, not pre-sale. 

    Pumpopoly tokens are issued by the game contract at a progressively higher price. Subsequent buyers always pay more than earlier buyers. Similarly, Pumpopoly lands are always added at higher price than existing land. This ensures your satisfaction as a player. We know what you want and are prepared to give it to you.

Do your NFTs pay you rent? They should. With Pumpopoly they will.

    All Pumpopoly properties can be exported to a NFT. The same progressive price increase mechanic applies to NFT minting fees. New lands added to the game always have a higher minting fee. Land exported to a NFT still collects rent. Those tokens are waiting for whoever imports the NFT back into the game contract. 

    Most important of all, Pumpopoly features a solid growth strategy. Anyone who's been around the Internet long enough understands that referral linking is how things get done online. Every business which is serious about performance offers a commission to those who perform. Pumpopoly is serious about rewarding influencers, promoters or anyone who wants to share the game with friends.

    Pumpopoly pays a whopping 50% commission on new public land sales. Pumpopoly rewards you for your invites by offering special in-game perks, like building special structures to enhance your property's income or claiming a salary more frequently. 

    For those who are just getting started, our Discord server will coach you through the process of gaining invites and sharing the game with your friends. With a solid community behind you, your success is guaranteed.

    However, that doesn't mean that you must invite others to enjoy the game. You can still buy those same improved properties from other players when they sell them. You can still claim a regular salary and collect rents from your property without inviting anyone. We wouldn't ask that from you upfront. Get to know the game and enjoy playing it before inviting friends. Feel comfortable asking questions in our Discord community. Pumpopoly's staff and community are here to support you.

    Take your time getting to know Pumpopoly and the opportunity it offers, but don't wait too long. Sooner or later, your friends will be inviting you to Pumpopoly. Better to invite them instead.

    Try Pumpopoly now on the NEAR testnet


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