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Understanding Pumpopoly's Tokenomics Model

Basics Pumpopoly is a virtual real estate simulator built on the NEAR blockchain . Property prices are denominated in Pumpopoly tokens. Lands are bought and sold in-game with these native tokens. The token contract adheres to NEAR's fungible token standard . Pumpopoly tokens are interoperable with all platforms which support this standard. Tokens can be traded at for NEAR, where a swap pool already exists. Issuance Tokens are issued directly from the game's smart contract. Users can choose to purchase tokens from the swap pool or have new tokens issued. New tokens are issued along a price curve. The issuance price increases along the curve as tokens are issued. Here are two views of the curve at different zoom levels. The blue point illustrates the current price and issued volume. Figure 1. Close zoom displays a straight line of growth. Figure 2. Expanded zoom displays exponential growth Both lines depicted in figures 1 and 2 exist along the same price curve. Th

Yet another city block has sold out!!! New floor price is 3.102 PUMPOPOLY!

🏡Another block of virtual real estate has sold out🏡 📈 property prices keep going up🚀 📊The new floor is 3.102📊 🔥Only 7 lands remain at this price🔥 ⏱️Don't miss your entry point!🤑!🤑!🤑! @cctip_com airdrop 0.1 NEAR 777 #NEAR — (@pumpopoly) October 10, 2022