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Pumpopoly Overview

     Pumpopoly is a virtual real estate simulator reminiscent of classic board games. Playable on all devices, the game features pixel art on an animated HTML5 canvas.       Gameplay is simple. Players collect a salary from the treasury on every move. Players who park at player owned land pay rent to the landlord. Parking is free at all city owned properties. Deeper incremental clicker game mechanics exist underneath this simplicity.      Unlike the classic board game, Pumpopoly does not contain a fixed amount of properties. New land is added as players buy or improve property. This mechanic guarantees that the average cost of rent is always less than the salary paid. New land is added at an increased price along a parabolic curve.     Initially, all land in Pumpopoly is city owned and available for player purchase. Once purchased, players can improve their vacant lots by building one of four structures: hovels, small townhouses, large townhouses or executive towers. Each improvement

100 PUMPOPOLY Token Giveaway. More Than $1000 in Prizes!

  Join our Discord for details. 1 PUMPOPOLY token is worth > 1 NEAR Details of the giveaway will be announced on Friday, March 4th on Discord For more information about token issuance see the testnet demo