What is Pumpopoly?

Pumpopoly screenshot

 Pumpopoly is the ultimate NFT shilling experience combined with classic board game game-play. 

But wait, there's more! Featuring 5 unique property types, with 256 variations each, you'll be able to maximize your property's earning potential. The more players you invite, the more you'll be able to build!

Each property type has a progressively higher rent multiplier!

Pumpopoly is designed to reward you for sharing your love of cryptogaming. Earn 50% from invites, whenever your invites buy public land. Gain more invites to build bigger and better structures.

But what if I just want to hold property and try collecting rents before I share Pumpopoly with my friends?

No problem. Pumpopoly has you covered. Pumpopoly property prices increase at an exponential rate. New property is always priced higher, ensuring your satisfaction. Sell your property in-game or export it to an NFT. In addition, as a Pumpopoly land owner, you'll be able to claim a salary from the treasury at regular intervals.

The more players you invite, the more frequently you'll be able to claim a salary.

The game is ready for your review. Featuring a full tutorial and an in-depth FAQ, all of the resources you need are at your fingertips. 

Need more help? Looking for tips and tricks to generate more invites? Join our Discord where our team will coach you through all the steps to success.

Join now or be invited later.

Try it on the NEAR testnet now: https://testnet.pumpopoly.com


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