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The Power of Pumpopoly Invites: 632% Gains in Three Easy Steps

 Pumpopoly rewards you when you invite friends Earn 50% when your friends buy city owned land Earn 10% when your friends buy player owned land Level up your in-game credit score by +30 points for every friend you invite They don't have to be your friend! Invite anyone you want, wherever you want! Where can I find my Pumpopoly invite link? Your invite link is easy to find. Look under your user info panel, next to your in-game credit score. Case study: How much will you make if you invite 10 friends? City land prices as of May 7th, 2022 Let's take the minimum purchase amount scenario to start with. There's no need to buy more than one land to get started. You start with one Pumpopoly plot and invite ten friends.  These prices are current as of May 7th, 2022. As prices continue to rise, so will your rewards. Step one: buy one vacant plot 1.6361 Pumpopoly tokens Step two: your reward for inviting ten friends 3 lands × 1.6361 = 4.9083 (3 lands sold) 7 lands × 1.7085 = 11.9595 (7